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Why Should Electroplating Workpieces be Coated With Electroplating Anti-Rust Oil?

Dec. 15, 2020

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Electroplating refers to plating a metal film on the surface of another metal through electrolysis. Electroplating is mainly to meet some special requirements of the product (to make the metal have the characteristics of other metals). For example: electroplating gold is to increase gloss and conduct electricity. Rate; electroplating nickel is to increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance; electroplating is widely used in industry and jewelry industries. Almost all electroplating processes require the use of additives.

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The metal coating obtained by electroplating products has high chemical purity, fine crystals, strong bonding force, and can obtain various performances. According to actual requirements, the main purpose of electroplating is as follows:

1. Obtain a metal protective layer to increase the corrosion resistance of the metal.

2. Change the hardness of the metal surface and increase the toughness or wear resistance of the metal surface.

3. Increase the conductivity of the metal surface, reduce the surface contact resistance, and increase the welding ability of the metal.

4. Enhance the compactness of the metal surface and prevent local carburizing and nitriding.

5. Change the color of the metal surface to make the decorations beautiful, appreciative and contemporary.

6. Increase the magnetic permeability of metals. For example, iron-nickel coating is a good magnetic coating and has other uses in the electronics industry.

7. Increase the brightness of the metal surface and improve the light reflection ability of the surface. It has a wide range of applications in optical instruments.

8. Repair the size of metal parts.

9. Metallize non-metallic surfaces.

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