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What you Need to Know About English Afternoon Tea?

Jun. 15, 2021

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What is English afternoon tea

Afternoon tea or English afternoon tea is a small tea sandwich, scones, pastries, cakes and other delicious snacks, stacked on a plate, and tea is served between lunch and dinner. English afternoon tea can be enjoyed as an informal social gathering on the coffee table. It may also be a more formal thing at the table, whether at home or in a restaurant that offers afternoon tea service.

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British afternoon tea originated from private social events in Britain in 1840. Traditionally served at 4pm, the purpose of this small meal is to fill the long-term gap between lunch and dinner, which may be served before 8pm. Like the tea itself, afternoon tea has become more and more popular over the years and has become an expected experience in hotels, tea rooms and spas around the world.

The making of English afternoon tea

Afternoon tea, afternoon tea can be provided between lunch and dinner. All you need is some tea, food and friends.

English afternoon tea making instructions

As for tea, the sky is the limit. Tea should be paired with food. The safe game is a large bowl of black tea, such as breakfast tea or a single black tea. When serving customers with limited tea contact, this is usually their imagination when they think of "tea".

In order to enhance the experience, please try to provide seasonal blends. This can be paired with a seasonal themed afternoon tea service.

If you want a caffeine-free experience, you can try a healthy Rooibos tea blend or explore herbal soups. Herbal decoctions have great potential for interesting food pairings.

Green tea and certain oolong teas can be paired with more fragrant foods. Amber Oolong tea like Wu Yi has a healthier and roasted taste, is very suitable for delicious food, and very suitable for sweets. Pu'er mixture is very rich and has a unique earthy taste, which may be more suitable for heavier meals.

On a hot day, flip the script; try a large glass of iced tea. It's afternoon, this is tea, why not?

British afternoon tea food

Fresh scones topped with candied fruit and cream or butter, tea cakes, tea sandwiches, egg tarts, biscuits and French pastries, stacked on a plate. And the plates are stacked on tiered trays. To provide your guests with a wealth of small and delicate delicacies, to make you satisfied. That is the experience of afternoon tea.

The idea of recipes is endless. Some are very simple. If it is small and beautiful and goes well with tea, put it on the plate!

Check out the recipe ideas for English afternoon tea.

English afternoon tea tableware

Standard English tea set and tableware can do it. You need a big teapot and infuser, tea cup and saucer. If you want to add milk and sugar, you need a cream jar and sugar jar.

In addition to small plates for serving and silverware, if you want to provide scones or other pastries that need to be spread, you may need a small mold for preservation and a single portion of cream. Although English afternoon teas are usually served on tiered trays, they are not essential.